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GUEST POST: All We Need is Love . . . and Maybe Some Nog

This woman hardly needs an introduction. She is one of the most spirited people I know. She recently gave birth to an adorable baby boy, and yet, still manages to keep up with her blog. She is a hero in her own right. A woman who is beautiful on the inside and out. Please join me … Continue reading »

I’ll Have Mine ‘On the Rocks’

It’s not what you think. Let me explain. Weekends are supposed to constitute rest. But for some, the work week blends right into the weekend so there’s no noticeable difference. Just plain busy. Then there are those who get to share a quiet dinner with other adults or enjoy watching a new movie release at … Continue reading »

Hello Insecurity, I see you’ve decided to come over unannounced again. We really do have to stop meeting like this. You have such poor timing. As I was cleaning my bathroom mirror, I got a glimpse of you. I tried turning away but you sucked me into the vortex. You kept spinning one lie after …

My New Make-Believe

As a little girl, I played pretend often. I pretended to play house, host tea parties, fix my dolly’s boo-boos, and, even imagined to be a ballerina princess. I lived in bliss! Then I grew up. Suddenly, the life I imagined was nowhere to be found. My house was no longer clean, my dinners looked … Continue reading »

The Lone Ranger

This is not the usual tone of my posts, and you probably won’t catch me writing another one of these. But I have to provide you with a context of where I came from before I landed here. Not too long ago, I was very lonely. My house was full but I felt alone. The … Continue reading »

This was a doozie. The assault on my kitchen happened so fast. There was no warning. I left my three year old son in the family room for a few minutes. Okay, maybe it was longer. Whatever the case, my little man, whom I’ll  loving refer to as “Cookie,” managed to reek such havoc in …

Ready for Take Off

It was one of those mornings. You know the ones where you hit the snooze button twice, you forget to pack lunch the night before, and, you don’t set the coffee maker to automatic brew. From the time I woke up to the time I left the house, which was forty minutes total, there were only a few things … Continue reading »

A Blogger is Born

It’s my birthday and I’m giving myself the gift of blogging. The idea of starting a blog is scary. The idea of approaching a blank screen is more terrifying. It requires a level of trust. Trust that people won’t ridicule or laugh at me. If they do, I’ll figure a way to continue on. The risk … Continue reading »

Keeping it Real Mom

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