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One Quarter of My Journey

Today is my twenty-fifth post. That means I am one quarter of the way to my 100th post. I know this isn’t breaking news, but for me, there is significance. It represents the reason I can even consider writing future posts. Simply put, it’s because of you, my gracious blog family. When I started this … Continue reading »

Twice the Headache

This Friday my daughter has a chance to meet her twin. Not a biological twin. But a friend with a matching outfit twin. Everything I needed to know about this school event was there in big bold writing. “Twin day” is a day set aside to dress alike with a friend or a group of … Continue reading »

No Money for a Weekend

No one I know has ever done it. I would never dream of doing it. Going an entire weekend without spending money. The idea seemed absurd and completely terrifying. But that’s exactly what my seven year old daughter challenged me to do. It was Saturday morning and we had just finished eating breakfast. Then out … Continue reading »

Betrothed to Junk

Letting go is hard to do. Not the kind of letting go you do over an embittered break up or the figurative debris that needs to be rid from your head. Though clearing the contents of my mind is probably long overdue. I am talking about discarding junk. Worthless, useless, piles of clutter. Here’s the … Continue reading »

Strong Girl Voice

School yards. Always buzzing. Always unpredictable. Sometimes scary. If she wanted to survive the cruelty of elementary school, my daughter would need to find her voice. A “strong girl voice.” A few years ago, when my daughter was only four years old, we had the talk. Not thee talk we have with our teenagers, but … Continue reading »


He got served alright. Renaissance Man got his slice of pizza. But what he didn’t order was a shot of ego boost. The woman at the food court gave him one anyway. Perhaps you’re wondering what a shot of ego boost IS? Or, how it is best administered? Chilled over ice or left room temperature. … Continue reading »

Cheeky Pig and the PC

I should probably be writing about something more sophisticated like the presidential debate instead of cartoon characters. A bit off topic. Perhaps even pathetic to devote a post to animated pig, but to her credit she taught me something. That Peppa Pig caught my attention. In this particular episode, the cheeky pig and her brother … Continue reading »

Feeding More than Bellies

I’ll admit it. Dinner time stresses me out. I feel like I am running a full fledged restaurant in my kitchen. I am both chef and server. Rush here, rush there. Serve one, serve the other. By the time it’s my turn to eat, I’ve lost interest. But there is something even more troubling, and … Continue reading »

An Involuntary Exchange

Here’s a conversation I recently had with the school clerk: “How are you?” asked Ms. Clerk. “Good, hanging in there. How about you?” I said. “Fine,” replied Ms. Clerk. That sums it up. Our conversation lasted about three seconds. And then, BAM! It was over. I always feel puzzled after these unintentional run-ins. The mechanical, … Continue reading »

My New Make-Believe

As a little girl, I played pretend often. I pretended to play house, host tea parties, fix my dolly’s boo-boos, and, even imagined to be a ballerina princess. I lived in bliss! Then I grew up. Suddenly, the life I imagined was nowhere to be found. My house was no longer clean, my dinners looked … Continue reading »

Keeping it Real Mom

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