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A Snickers bar. That’s what drove my three year old to massacre the kitchen. Since Halloween my son has been feinding for candy. It’s nonstop. Begging, kicking, and screaming for candy. I’ve tried everything to curb his sugar kick. Nothing has worked. Cookie won’t relent. Yesterday morning was like any other. Woke up, made coffee, …

I felt a spark this weekend. Literally, I got burned. My leg brushed up against a duraflame log. Nothing major. We hosted a dinner party on Saturday night. When everyone finished eating their pulled pork and potatoes, my husband, Renaissance Man, suggested roasting s’mores over an open fire. Everyone was jazzed about the idea! Renaissance …

Capturing Tinker Bell

My daughter tried capturing Tinker Bell last night. She was on a mission. If someone asked the seven year old me if it was possible to catch a fairy, I would have said “yes, of course!” Shoot, I probably would have headed up the search mission myself. Lassoing a flying fairy would have just been … Continue reading »

No Money for a Weekend

No one I know has ever done it. I would never dream of doing it. Going an entire weekend without spending money. The idea seemed absurd and completely terrifying. But that’s exactly what my seven year old daughter challenged me to do. It was Saturday morning and we had just finished eating breakfast. Then out … Continue reading »

Strong Girl Voice

School yards. Always buzzing. Always unpredictable. Sometimes scary. If she wanted to survive the cruelty of elementary school, my daughter would need to find her voice. A “strong girl voice.” A few years ago, when my daughter was only four years old, we had the talk. Not thee talk we have with our teenagers, but … Continue reading »

Cheeky Pig and the PC

I should probably be writing about something more sophisticated like the presidential debate instead of cartoon characters. A bit off topic. Perhaps even pathetic to devote a post to animated pig, but to her credit she taught me something. That Peppa Pig caught my attention. In this particular episode, the cheeky pig and her brother … Continue reading »

I’ll Have Mine ‘On the Rocks’

It’s not what you think. Let me explain. Weekends are supposed to constitute rest. But for some, the work week blends right into the weekend so there’s no noticeable difference. Just plain busy. Then there are those who get to share a quiet dinner with other adults or enjoy watching a new movie release at … Continue reading »

I had an awakening on being on rude. The epiphany was whether or not rudeness could be inherited. Some would argue that rudeness cannot be passed down by parents. Here’s a story about a woman who believed just that. Let me set the scene. The backdrop was a park swarming with little people. Most moms …

It was one of those mornings. You know the ones where you hit the snooze button twice, you forget to pack lunch the night before, and, you don’t set the coffee maker to automatic brew. From the time I woke up to the time I left the house, which was forty minutes total, there were only a few things …

Keeping it Real Mom

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