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Flirting Between the Lanes

I can’t remember the last time I spent an hour primping for a hot date with my guy. Slipping into a slinky black dress and four inch heels because gravity was on my side. That, and I didn’t have to deal with chronic back pain from carrying a child for nine months. No curfew, no babysitter, just me and my man separated by an assorted … Continue reading »

Anonymity is Overrated

Imagine a hub for secrets. A place we could unload emotional baggage without being judged. We all have secrets, but are we willing to share them? The PostSecret Project is an online haven for sharing secret desires, fears, and hopes. Founder, Frank Warren, has received more than 500,000 secrets mailed to him on postcards. The themes … Continue reading »

A Silver Lining in the WordPress Reader

You can’t talk about WordPress without talking about the Reader. It’s not that WordPress, the actual publishing platform, doesn’t carry weight in comparison. It’s just that so much hangs in the balance of the Reader because it displays your favorite blogs in one place. It’s a blogger’s lifeline. Do I secretly wish the Reader would … Continue reading »

Mark Your Calendar for the Next Sleep Fest

Apparently, National Sleep Day was last Thursday, January 3rd. There’s not much history on this holiday, but any day dedicated to catching up on sleep is worth celebrating. I did not participate in the shuteye fest. Even if the opportunity was presented, I don’t think I’d qualify for a Festival of Sleep. To qualify you’d … Continue reading »

Swallow a dose of HAPPY

For years I wondered what it was like to be Mother Theresa. To help those living in grim poverty and minister to children who are barefoot and have no water to drink. I knew if I could replicate even the smallest fraction of Mother Theresa, I would be loved. Pretty impressive? Yeah, right. The real … Continue reading »

Rite of Passage: The First Sleepover

I’m back to life after New Year’s Eve. Not because I was hungover but because my daughter had her FIRST sleepover. Two hours before the clock struck midnight, the nagging began. Renaissance Man and I were sipping bubbly on my mother-in-law’s couch while screaming toddlers played at our feet. Yes, this is how we ring … Continue reading »

A Wish for 2013

I am not one for making New Year’s resolutions. The reason–I never keep them. But, I do believe in making wishes. What if . . . At exactly midnight on New Year’s Eve, you receive an email with the subject line “Open Immediately.” The email is from your future self indicating that you’ve been granted … Continue reading »

GUEST POST: Press Rewind

My blogger friend, When Crazy Meets Exhaustion, is one witty woman. Her ability to fuse the perils of parenting with humor is truly a gift. She always keeps me coming back for more. I am honored to have such a talented writer closing out my Share the Love series. Thanks again to everyone who participated. Looking forward to next year’s ”Guest Post” exchange. A … Continue reading »

It’s Not Too Late to Spread Christmas Cheer

In less than twenty four hours, my living room will look like a tornado swept through and my camera will be full from photos snapped during Christmas morning. Meanwhile, there is still work to be done. Lots of it. Last minute wrapping, trips to the grocery store, and if time allows, baking a dessert that includes egg … Continue reading »

Blog Etiquette: A Code of Ethics in the Wake of Violence

It’s been nearly a week. Seven days since unspeakable acts of violence were committed at Sandy Hook Elementary. And yet, I can’t seem to find my blogging rhythm. Perhaps I’m confused about what content is or isn’t appropriate to post. There is no blogging etiquette to follow. No code of ethics that governs the act of behaving properly in delicate matters. … Continue reading »

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