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GUEST POST: Press Rewind

My blogger friend, , is one witty woman. Her ability to fuse the perils of parenting with humor is truly a gift. She always keeps me coming back for more. I am honored to have such a talented writer closing out my Share the Love series.

Thanks again to everyone who participated. Looking forward to next year’s ”Guest Post” exchange.

A big virtual hug to Anka and all her fabulousness for inviting me to guest blog! In addition to our shared affinity for chocolate and family, we are one another’s loyal readers, and I am honored to collaborate with her. 

Around 7 this evening, my floors reappeared from underneath a sea of wrapping paper and toys with “27 pieces included.” It was the first time all day that I felt a sense of relaxation come over me. Granted, the glass of red helped, but I finally felt like I had accomplished something.

I’m very Type A, so crossing things off of a to-do list is like crack to me. One would think, based upon that criteria, making a New Year’s resolution would really float my boat. Nope. In fact, I pretty much suck at long-term commitments. My husband doesn’t count, but just ask my jeans how well I’ve kept all those annual promises to lose weight. Or my kids’ scrapbooks how well they’re coming along.

Anyway, that’s why this year I’m doing the opposite; instead of looking ahead to what I could be doing, I’m looking back on the things that I have already done. These are a few of the “accomplishments” that I think other Mamas will identify with and, for that, I am sorry for you:

  • I put my son in preschool and scarred him for life. We ended up switching schools and now he loves it, but it was touch and go there for a while.
  • That same kid was finally potty trained by means of the No Pants Allowed Rule. That, too, may have scarred him for life (he doesn’t like messes), but I’m down to one kid in diapers so score for me.
  • My husband and I celebrated our 6th year wedding anniversary. On our honeymoon, we mused about spending future anniversaries in exotic locations with tropical drinks in hand. Bethany Beach with our two kids and my parents and brother wasn’t quite what we had in mind, but at least there was sand in between our toes.
  • I also celebrated the 11th anniversary of my 21st birthday and noticed a few extra lines on my face and gray hairs in my head. I’m trying to appreciate them, but until then, a good moisturizer and dye job should do the trick.
  • My daughter officially entered toddlerhood, and on her first birthday my uterus begged for another baby. A month later, I found her standing on top of our dining room table. Shortly thereafter, I was introduced to my new best friend: the NuvaRing.
  • I bought my first pair of skinny jeans. And returned them. I was inspired to write about how the attire choices for Mamas like me is limited, and was for my rant!
  • Friends kept telling me I should write a blog about parenting and swearing (two of my favorite things), and I did!!! I’ve kept the f-bombs to a minimum, but here we are almost a year later and I’m still doing it. Hey! Look at me keeping a commitment to blogging! WordPress, you complete me.

Before you start planning ahead, take a minute and look back: what have you done this year that brings a smile to your face?

About Anka

Spent forty grand on a journalism degree just to learn that truth is stranger than fiction. Now I spend my days changing diapers and eating bon bons. If you're looking for a place to commiserate, then come join me at It's kind of like a playdate, but for grown ups.


28 Responses to “GUEST POST: Press Rewind”

  1. I too am addicted to lists! There is a list for everything! And crazily enough I too can relate to sucking at long term commitments! I get wild hares up my butt to do amazing things but soon tire of them! I am utterly amazed at myself (and I’m sure my family is quite surprised too) that I have kept up with blogging! I am so happy Anka introduced us to you…I can’t wait to see what else we have in common!

    Posted by | December 27, 2012, 6:17 am
    • I love that we share those fleeting “light bulb moments!” My husband is worried I have progressive ADD, which I may, but I tend to think it’s because I’m with kids all day who have attention spans of crickets. I’m happy to meet you, too–thanks for the follow!!!!

      Posted by | December 27, 2012, 6:30 am
  2. I wish I could’ve been a fly on the wall during your anniversary trip! Can’t imagine what dinner looked like? I’m sure it was sans chocolate and roses. Fantastic list! I love that you focused on your accomplishments instead of regrets. Thrilled to have you hosting my blog today! :)

    Posted by Keeping it Real | December 27, 2012, 6:33 am
    • Thank you!!!! I appreciate your kind words and the opportunity!! Oh, and the hubby and I actually did get one dinner out for our anniversary; my parents kept the kids, but in an evil twist of fate, we were seated beside a big family and ended up missing our little ones more than enjoying our “adults only” dinner. Figures!

      Posted by | December 27, 2012, 6:40 am
  3. Reblogged this on .

    Posted by | December 27, 2012, 6:41 am
  4. This was hilarious! I was grinning from the first sentence. Particularly funny was the bit on preschool and the location of your Anniversary. As much as I love Bethany Beach–yup! Thanks for the early (ahem, for me) morning smiles!

    Posted by | December 27, 2012, 6:50 am
  5. Great post. I like the idea of reflecting and celebrating the milestones of the past before looking to the (probably unachievable) milestones of the future.

    Posted by | December 27, 2012, 7:42 am
  6. Way to go! Both of you :) .

    Posted by | December 27, 2012, 8:01 am
  7. I love lists in principle, but I have a hard time making them consistently! In fact, my one actual resolve for the year to come is to keep writing out my weekly to-do lists. More gets done when I set it all down on paper instead of trying to juggle it in my head.

    The best things I did last year weren’t big things. Before I wrote my year in review post (which will not go up for a few days), I was bummed how few big things happened compared to 2011. When I actually got to writing, I realized the year was a great year on account of its many small, sweet moments.

    I’ll be happy to say the same thing at the end of 2013. :)

    Posted by | December 27, 2012, 9:28 am
    • Funny thing about lists. I am perpetually in the habit of writing them. But, I never get to cross anything off. This is extremely difficult for my type A personality to accept. Like you, I try to relish in the small moments. Most of my sweet memories have to do with my babies and the silly things they say! :)

      Posted by Keeping it Real | December 27, 2012, 9:57 am
    • It’s those tiny snippets that make life worth living! Much luck with your list resolution! I sync my to-do lists with my phone, e-mail, and Outlook calendar; that way, I can add to it and access it anywhere, any time!

      Posted by | December 27, 2012, 11:04 am
  8. sounds like you’ve had a pretty good year to me. happy merry.. keep it up. :)

    Posted by | December 27, 2012, 4:58 pm
  9. Fantastic post! I read it word for word (even thought it’s 2:34 a.m. here & I was just going to skim it!).
    Nicely done!

    Posted by | December 27, 2012, 11:35 pm
    • So, you’re a night owl too? I could easily stay up till 2:00 a.m. reading blogs. Glad you enjoyed this post. I think it’s refreshing to look back on your accomplishments versus your failures. If I don’t speak to you before New Year’s, I wish you and your family a safe and fun evening. May 2013 be filled with all the desires of your heart!

      Posted by Keeping it Real | December 28, 2012, 8:30 am
      • Yes, I definitely an insomniac, uh, I mean night owl. :-)
        This post most certainly presents a refreshing perspective… Loved it!

        Thank you for your well wish wishes, and I wish you and your family the same. I am looking forward to reading more of your amazing blog in the New Year!

        Posted by | December 29, 2012, 4:34 pm
    • Thanks so much!! Word-for-word reading is always our goal, isn’t it? :)

      Posted by | December 29, 2012, 6:05 am
  10. Great post! I’m a list maker too and enjoy checking things off as much as creating the list itself. ;-) Thank you for focusing on the “normal” accomplishments and allowing me to relate. I was afraid you were going to list things like running 12 marathons, one for each month out of the year. Or teaching your kids to speak six languages and to play three musical instruments simultaneously. I’m so relieved! ;-)

    Thank you Anka for including me in your Holiday Guest Post Exchange. I’m honored and really enjoyed meeting new bloggers through your generosity. Happy New Year everyone!

    Posted by | December 28, 2012, 8:04 pm
    • Marathons?! Oh heck no! I only run if a rabid animal is chasing me ;)

      Posted by | December 29, 2012, 6:06 am
      • You’re welcome, Little Miss Wordy! It was my pleasure hosting the Guest Post Exchange. I am glad that you connected with so many new bloggers. As I always tell my kids, “sharing IS caring!” Happy Happy New Year my dear! :)

        Posted by Keeping it Real | December 29, 2012, 8:30 am
      • OMG–I say that ALL that time, but mostly to my students ;) “Sharing is caring, kids–let’s make it happen.” And it’s usually in response to when they claim they don’t have “time” for “my” work…

        Posted by | December 29, 2012, 8:56 am
  11. LOL! I admit to being a list person, too. (side note: I have even been known to complete tasks not on my list, then add them so I can cross them off! -Yes, I did need professional help -and it worked! ) ;-)

    Posted by | December 29, 2012, 1:05 pm


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