Shot of Ego Boost

He got served alright. My husband got his slice of pizza. But what he didn’t order was a shot of ego boost. The woman at the food court gave him one anyway.

Perhaps you’re wondering what a shot of ego boost is, or, how it is best administered. Chilled over ice or left room temperature? Well, it’s neither. Let me explain.

For the record, my husband has been ingesting these shots regularly since turning 40. Here’s a brief description of this growing phenomenon:

Main Entry: shot of ego boost
Part of Speech: noun; a glass filled with liquid ego
Definition: handless drinking container filled with copious amounts of confidence and self-esteem; best known for supplying recipient with an immediate boost or inflation of ego
Antonyms: overlooked, unnoticed, someone who rarely gets hailed

It is a peculiar thing, this shot of ego boost. Springs up without warning. Recently, my husband and I were out having tapas and drinks, when out of nowhere, the waiter asked him for his I.D.

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Thoughts began flooding my head.

Whoa ho ho, wait a minute. Are you kidding me? Is this guy actually suggesting that my husband looks under 21 so he needs to be carded? I snapped out of my stupor and joined in the revelry.

“Go ahead honey, throw it back <insert charitable laugh>. You just got served a nice shot of ego boost,” I tell him.

But inside I couldn’t help but think . . . What about me? Don’t I look under 21? Oh please, pretty please, card me too.

No such luck. Nothing even remotely close happens. The waiter could’ve humored me. He could’ve tried to be more inclusionary.

Then it hits me. The reality of wrinkling sinks in. I am reminded of that old adage “men age like fine wine.”

It seemed so unfair.

Here I am sitting next to a man who is 4 years my senior, and yet, he is the one getting carded. Although I am growing accustomed to my husband getting his ego stroked by perfect strangers (lady at the food court), I am having a difficult time accepting the standards by which men’s and women’s ages are measured. Slightly disproportionate to say the least.

Let’s face it, men can sport grey hair and it is a sign of wisdom, their crown of glory. Women allow a few white streaks to peak through, and it’s quick, book her an appointment at the nearest salon.

There are countless more discrepancies between the sexes and aging. Physiological changes, discrimination at the workplace, and, tremendous societal pressures, to name a few. Apparently, ordering a drink and appearing to “look” over 21 is another change we have to adapt to. Unless of course, you’re my 41 year old husband. In which case, he’s a man so never mind.

Aging is tough for everyone. No one is exempt. But I must confess, I would love to get a shot of ego boost every once in a while. Hear it’s good for the heart.

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  1. That is hilarious!! I can’t think of any 40 year olds that would require carding!!! Something had to be up!! LOL!!

  2. I agree so hilarious! You need to hang out with me… you’d feel reeeally young! I used to write songs with my friend who was 17 years older than me. Used to be a Golddigger on the Dean Martin Show… she was beautiful still at 43. I was 26. I look back now and realize she was jealous of my youth. We would go to Disneyland and she would make me stand in the sun and she would go sit in the shade to avoid wrinkles!!! I remember a long time ago… I had my nose done… she went with me to a doctor’s appt. because she thought he did a great job. She asked him about doing her neck… he used mine as an example of what hers would look like after… in one tense moment I really didn’t GET why she was so upset back then… NOOOOW… a lifetime later… Ooooh baby I sooo get it and that Doctor could have used a good dose of common sense.
    As for your server… They should have carded you! lol!

    • She made you stand in the sun? Oh, it must have really been painful to have you by her side. Maybe you were a constant reminder of everything she wasn’t and always wanted to be. Aging, if not handled in stride, can make people behave strangely.

  3. Makes you want to say, ‘Aren’t you going to card me? I’m drinking too!’ My dad has had a full head of gray hair since he was in his late 30′s. He’s been getting senior citizen discounts 15 years before he was a senior citizen. Now he can legally get them. At first he was astounded by it, then afterwards he took the discount gladly as a way to save money. My mom just picked on him for years about it, until it was her turn. Me, I’ve been told I sound like I’m twelve and look like I’m eighteen, yet I have several greys waving up on top of my head. I’m actually thirty three I tell them. Sometimes aging or not show our age can be a little harsh on our self esteem.

    • Jennifer, sounds like you’re familiar with these shots of ego boost. Someone told you that “you look like you’re eighteen?” Wow, that is a compliment and a half, especially since you’re actually thirty three. On a serious note, aging truly is a peculiar phenomenon. It can either make you laugh or make you cry.

      • jennnadams

         /  October 8, 2012

        I am quite familiar, yes. Sometimes I take it as a compliment, but at times it tends to get annoying lol! I have a soft voice too, a solicitor called me one time and asked if they could speak to my mommy. I laughed and said well, I don’t really call her Mommy anymore, but if you could hold on a few minutes I’ll go get her number for you, she lives in her own house almost an hour from mine. Lol!

  4. How about a counter ego-boost? Ever been told when you’re picking up your kids’ portraits, “You have very cute grandchildren?”

    • Or when you have your oldest daughter and two youngest kids at a restaurant and the server turns to your oldest daughter and asks her, “So have your children decided what they want?”

      • Counter ego-boost? Hadn’t thought of it. But my gosh, those servers, sometimes they sure do get it wrong. Still shaking my head in disbelief over the portrait pick-up. Thanks for being so honest and for sharing.

  5. Eventually gravity pulls all of it down on all of us!

    • Isn’t that the truth! Seems to me that gravity doesn’t show much mercy. So wonderful to hear from you Stephanie :)

  6. Men have the pleasure of being labeled as “distinguished-looking” as the salt begins to out number the pepper hairs. I’m sure there isn’t a woman with salt-and-pepper hair who has been labeled “distinguish-looking.” Wow! Lol.

    • I agree! Just doesn’t seem fair. Sometimes I think men get more free passes when it comes to aging. They age like fine wine, right?

  7. So funny!

    I got carded last week (I’m 35) and was all excited until the woman explained she cards everyone, even 78 year old ladies. Bursted bubble.

    • Now, did she really have to tell you that? Just think if she didn’t, you could’ve thrown back the biggest shot of EGO BOOST!



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