A House Still Standing

A House of Cards. I loved to build towers out of cards when I was little. I remember laying on the linoleum floor stacking one card on top of the other, holding my breath in hopes that my castle wouldn’t crumble. But it did. My house collapsed every single time.

Creating a structure out of playing cards is a lot like raising kids. There is a method to finding balance.

1. Build the base/Establish a strong foundation for your kids

2. Stacking the cards/Be steady in their upbringing

3. Architecture/Each kid is different by design

4. Bridging the gaps/Reinforcing any cracks in relationships

Seems to me the more cards you stack the more likely it is the structure will fall. But I don’t want to hear that as a parent. I work so darn hard managing the affairs of my house. Everyday I convince myself that I got this, that I can handle everything in my castle.

Then the inevitable happens. The slightest movement or commotion causes me to stumble. Something as benign as my daughter interrupting me while I’m on the phone, or, ignoring my three year old son because he’s screamed “mama” for the 1000th time can throw me off my game.

All of this, all of the pressure of parenting, makes me want to crumble. So, I do.

But not all is wasted. Because even though I take a fall, the rest of the structure does not collapse. It’s an odd thing this House of Cards. It requires many parts to keep it standing.

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  1. Why do we fall?….So we can get back up again. We all fall. As individuals, friends, colleagues, parents, sons/daughters, spouses. We all do. Because none of us are perfect.
    It is what we do before and afterwards that is important. Did we do all we could prior to it? And what did we take away from it, what lessons did we learn, so that we can do better in the future?

  2. You’re right. It’s not so much where you land but what you do when you get up. I also think it’s necessary to fall because that’s when most of the character building and conditioning takes place. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I like the analogy and how you you develop it. Good luck with your balancing act. I am always working on mine.

  4. Parenting truly is a balancing act. We are all in progress. Thanks for sharing.

  5. “Each kid is different by design” – love that statement, and so true!

    • I didn’t realize just how true this was until I had my second child. Each kid is different so naturally we can’t use a one-size fits all parenting approach. Thank you for sharing.



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